Handy And Budget-Friendly Bathroom Designs You’ve Been Craving

When it comes to bathroom renovations, you may feel lazy about getting the work started simply because bathroom appliances can make a great dent in your pocket. However, how many Pinterest photos have you seen of a woman relaxing in a clawfoot bath tub overlooking the New York City skyline. A few rose petals here, a gourmet selection of chocolates coasting on the side of the bath, soothing candles lit in the distance and a good read to calm your worries… The vision seems like the perfect escape from life’s worries in the comfort of your own bathroom. While these bathrooms are obviously #bathroomgoals, there are a few budget-friendly tips you can invest in to make this dream set-up become your own en-suite bathroom.


Bathrooms Don’t Need To Cost An Arm And A Leg

The wonderful news is that you don’t need to be a handyman to get the work done. Sure, DIY is all the rage but who really has time to screw together a new shelving unit above your Jacuzzi tub? Instead, companies such as Handy offer an affordable service where you can have your own “delivery handyman” make a pit stop straight to your door in time for the new remodeling work you crave.


Recycle What You Already Own

One of our favorite tools for bathroom modeling jobs is using what you already own and bringing these elements into the bathroom. Who said your vanity needs to be a pristine marble style when it can simply be a revamped old glass vanity colored with different towels and bathroom essentials? Instead of stacking up your toilet paper in the corner of your bathroom, use a wooden-wired basket to hold them neatly together.


I’ll Change It In A Jiffy

For a simple yet extravagantly new take on the world, change up your hardware and you’ll feel like you can breathe in the new and exhale the old. Also, for items such as strangling candles, toothpaste, perfumes and lotions, use a square tray to corral everything together. This plays a trick on the eye, making you believe that your space is structured and perhaps even designed by a professional. Another small but luxurious way to amp up your home bathroom is to add weekly fresh flowers near your sink. Every time you wake up in the morning, you’ll have a beautiful scented surprise and a silky fine décor item to admire.


Eyes Up And Textiles On

Another Handy tool in the handyman guidebook is to use texture, from a comfortable rug to the flattering design of your shower curtain, to make your bathroom feel more like a luxury spa. Adding a few hard-to-die plants to the mix, perhaps propped up on the toilet ledge or dangling near the window, will make your space literally feel infused with life. If you’re dealing with a cramped atmosphere, let your eyes go up with cool hardware lighting above your vanity mirror or a large poster that almost extends to the ceiling. Giving the impression of a taller space is a mind game.

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