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Anyone living in a city apartment building or owner of a private home in a suburban area may face the need to organize the security of his home. Video surveillance, with the possibility of remote control, is an essential element of the security system. Many plan to perform video surveillance with their own hands in order to save money. To do this, you need not only to own a tool and have experience in conducting electrical work, but also to understand the parameters of the components. With the good at cctv Singapore you can have the solutions.

Video surveillance in the apartment

Here are the main questions that the home master will face, who is going to install video surveillance for the house:

  • Choosing a video surveillance system
  • Competent installation of video cameras

Selection of components according to their technical parameters

When choosing the type of video surveillance, preference is certainly given to digital equipment, since such systems have powerful functionality and are easily integrated into the Internet, which makes remote control accessible. Since pure analog CCTV has not existed for a long time, a good option would be to use inexpensive analog cameras that connect to a digital video recorder.

Quite often household video surveillance systems are organized using a personal computer or laptop as a basic device. Such systems are easy to install and, depending on the software, can perform many different functions. One camcorder can be connected directly to the personal device via the USB connector, and for connecting several cameras you will need to install a video capture card into the computer. Installing video surveillance with your own hands will require, first of all, the correct placement of video cameras.

Preparation – selection of equipment and installation locations

When choosing points for installing video cameras, you should pay attention to avoiding the so-called “dead zones”, where part of the space of the room is outside the control zone. There are several rules for the installation of video cameras, which must be observed, as improper placement of video cameras reduces the reliability of the system:

All wiring must be hidden

Using an apartment or house plan, you can avoid many mistakes when placing camcorders. First of all, the cameras are guided by the penetration points. They are all doors, windows, attics. To lock windows, do not orient the camcorder on the street, it is better to place them slightly laterally, so that direct sunlight does not cause the image to shine. Also, do not send video cameras to lighting equipment. The reliable singapore home improvement options are essential there.

Cameras must be installed at an inaccessible height, and all wiring must be hidden. The use of wide-angle video cameras will reduce their number, since with proper placement one camera can capture a large volume of the room, including windows and doors.

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