Kevin Sheehan’s Advice For New Professionals

Kevin Sheehan is one of the most renowned CEOs of today, with an extensive background of turning around poorly performing companies or coming in and optimizing other companies. Sheehan has held a CEO, board member, or other top-brass position at companies like Scientific Games Corp., Norwegian Cruise line, and Cendant Corp. He has been at the helm of Avis group,and has helped launch the Sega Channel and Telemundo Group. He has also taught the MBA programs at Adelphi University in Garden City, New York. In all he is one of the most competent CEOs you can find. Here is here with us today to share his advice for young professionals and students that wish to be successful.


  1. Get educated and certified


We have a caste system in the US, higher education. People who have a Bachelor’s degree earn on average of double the income of those people who don’t over the course of their lifetime. If you want to be successful, get educated and certified.


  1. Get to a City


Moreover, economic growth is centered around cities. Both getting educated and getting to a  city become difficult as you get older. So do it early. These two will be the most important predictors of your success.



  1. Work hard in your 20s.


The reason wealthy people and well-off people can have a relaxed life in their 30s and 40s is because they worked relentlessly in their 20s. As you get older it becomes increasing. Work really hard in your younger years to raise your income level as much as you can.


  1. Compound interest


Einstein is credited with saying that compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe. And it is. Start putting money away now in some safe investments. It’s FREE money, all you have to do is wait.


  1. Cut your spending in your older years.

Jeff Bezos, for a long time after becoming wealthy, would still drive his old ordinary car. He was cutting on spending. I have friends that are extremely high earners but that spend very much. They are extremely talented and have luxury cars and homes befitting of their lifestyle, but they have no savings, they are poor. I have other friends who earn $40,000 annually and spend $30,000, they are rich. In your older years, figure out how to cut your spending.

Top Oakland, CA Real Estate Agent Shares How To Advertise Successfully On A Shoestring Budget

This is a guest article by one of Oakland’s top performing real estate agents, Brad Roemer. After working in the industry for over ten years and during the internet “boom”, Roemer has acquired deep proficiency in real estate marketing and knowledge of how viral internet advertising works and is here to share what he learned with us.


Some real estate agents spend up to and above $200,000 per year on their advertising budget.


Believe it or not, some real estate agents spend small fortunes drumming up new business. We’re talking about the top percentage of agents that have made it to a place in their career where in order to attract very wealthy buyers and sellers, they must put out advertisements in expensive niche publications, create MTV-Cribs-Style video house tours, and have a team of content creators on payroll 24/7, on top of the “standard” advertising that is done by every agent such as social media advertising, newspaper advertising and flyers.


Fear not, tht kind of budget is for niche markets


Truth is, there are a lot more regular homes on the market than there are multi-million dollar mansions, and for these homes it makes less sense to go all out with big budget productions. It is also possible to be just as successful by seling these homes instead of the big mansions precisely because they sell faster. You can make up for it with the volume of your transactions. So what do most new agents do? Flyers right? Going door to door, and maybe sprinkle a few newspaper ads here and there. In today’s heavily internetted world that isn’t enough and those ways are old antiquated at best, expensive and ineffective at worst.


New technologies allow for targeted marketing


Marketing through Googe paid ads or through facebook is the new best option. These sites have so much data-handling capacity. What I mean is that you can now choose who you send your ads to unlike in traditonal media ike newspapers. For example you can narrow down the target demographic by age and income. With that information you could, for example, decide to target the younger demographic of first-time home buyers. And because you’re more narrow in who you’ll be advertising to, it’ll cost less. One of my favorite examples of this s not in real estate, but is just as good of an example: Oneplus phones. This company is now established for making some of the world’s best phones, but when it launched its first-ever phone five years ago, the company only had a $300 advertising budget. You read that right. $300. They did it with facebook ads and by only letting people buy if they were referred by another purchaser. The exclusivity of it was what did it for them. Now you can’t apply the second half of that strategy to real estate, but you can apply the first half.

What Mortgage Plans are Perfect for You

We continue the series of articles on mortgage lending. The topic of this publication is how to take a mortgage. The article will be interesting to anyone who wants to get a mortgage loan in the very near future or intends to do it in the long term. The support from the really speaks out here from the mortgage broker Geelong .

And now – about everything in detail and in order!

What you need to know before you take a mortgage

For the vast majority of citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS countries, mortgage lending is the only chance to acquire housing right now, and not through years of savings and savings.

Statistics show that about half of all real estate in Russia is purchased on credit.

The essence of mortgage loans

In brief about what a mortgage is. In the modern world, a mortgage is called a type of loan, in which housing is bought by the borrower in debt and remains under the pledge of the bank.

The client is considered the owner of the apartment or house, but does not have full rights to these facilities. If, before full repayment of the loan, the borrower for any reasons ceases to pay the bills, the bank begins to apply penalties.

The credit company has the right to seize the apartment in its favor, if the recipient of the loan violates the terms of the mortgage agreement.

In addition to delays and delays in payment, there are other ways of violating the contract:

  • transfer of the apartment to third parties;
  • damage to property, non-compliance with the rules of operation;
  • unauthorized change of technical characteristics of the object;
  • Violation of insurance conditions.

More details about mortgage loans in the review article of our site “How to get a mortgage loan ” and ” What is a mortgage “.

  • Before taking such a loan, you need to decide on the purpose, amount and timing. Loans for real estate on the security of the acquired property are given almost all major banks in Russia and neighboring countries. Mortgage lending is a popular practice in the entire civilized world.

The downside is that – the highest interest rates on mortgage loans. At the moment, the average rate in banks is 12-13% per annum.

Since the mortgage is issued for a long time (5-30 years, or even all 50), borrowers should be prepared for the fact that in the coming decades they will regularly (monthly) deduct a certain percentage of their income to the banking institution.

Growth in Singapore in all fields

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Singapore’s pro-business climate is anchored by our commitment to nurturing innovation and following accountable growth. With a powerful record across varied sides of economic performance, we offer corporations the infrastructure, talent and regulative support necessary to grow their businesses in a competitive world. Moving and doing business at intervals Singapore is simple and seamless with our well-developed transport and digital networks and discover Singapore businesses. We tend to undertake investment promotion and trade development within the producing and internationally tradable services sectors. Industries at intervals our view account for over a 3rd of Singapore’s annual gross domestic product. Besides facilitating investments, we tend to interact Singapore’s existing base of corporations to remodel their operations and boost productivity, and to get growth in adjacent and troubled areas by growing new businesses out of Singapore.

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