Be the change

My life is in transition mode and, “be the change” is a consistent chorus through my head. Each time I take a new path, I let it wash over me with encouragement that I will be able to be a gentle guide for my family as we navigate changing courses. Today I start a new job with lululemon. A yogi at heart and a deep practitioner for the past year, I have high hopes that this job will fill the space in my life for field work. I need to be among people and so far the people I have met through yoga have all been unique inspiration on my journey.

The direct translation of yoga is yoke. Yoke is about attachment. We can yoke together and share the journey. I like to think about it as a connection. The fluidity of yoga connects aspects of my life that are important. To borrow a list from the Oola guys: faith, fitness, field, fun, family, finance, and friends. Right now, a lot of these aspects of my life are small and in need of infusion and growth. I have big dreams on my yoga mat, but I need to bring them into reality by tuning into my personal yoke and reaching out.

One of the first things I noticed about lululemon is the community in the store. The photos on the walls are of local brand ambassadors- yoga teachers in the area who are building a foundation of a yoga community. The photos are bright and lively and the quality of the teachers shines through. I want to be like these teachers. I want to share yoga with others and I want to continue my yoga journey by learning from these teachers.

There are many different paths to the wheel of yoga. The yoke that thrives on all our spirits connecting and uniting with one another. Part of my path is writing. I want to share what yoga means to me. The past two years of my life were strengthened by my participation in a yoga teacher training program. It was there for me at a time when I needed it most. I put my faith in the program to strengthen my body for the work of carrying a baby and it delivered- pun intended.

So much of yoga is the work of unlearning, of returning to a truer, purer version of self. I’m seeking that journey right now. I have years of retail experience, but I want to restart that with the unlearning I have embarked on through yoga. How can I grant myself the freedom to be of service to others in one of the simplest, but most important tasks that we do each day- getting dressed?

Birth Story: Evelyn Rose

There are flowers that carry seeds so powerful that an explosion of energy, creativity, and color bursts them into bloom. In the days following, the marks give an artistic dynamic to each petal as they catch sunshine and glistening raindrops to fully extend into blossom. Hannah, my first, is the firecracker that sent me into a period of transformation, seeking the ultimate opportunity to bloom.

I carried Hannah along a rocky path, but welcomed the chance to try again when our family grew with Audrey. Things were naturally easier the second time around, and I was also pleasantly surprised to find that being a mother of two made me a more loving, understanding, and nurturing mother to the first one. I fell into the role of “Mama” easily, even though other parts of me fell apart.

Seeking respite, I found a church, a yoga studio, the great outdoors, and a community of food lovers to serve. Essentially, my petals opened and I found my truth. Focusing on gratitude, I learned to love deeply and my heart opened in anticipation of a third baby. This time, opportunity for personal growth called me to study yoga and fully engage in the practice through teacher training. The way this shaped my motherhood strengthened my mind, body, and spirit for life’s great journey: birth. I want to share Evelyn’s birth story with you, but it is also Hannah’s birth story because she was there and because she shaped me into the Mother I am today.

I first considered Hannah’s attendance at my birth when we read, Welcome with Love. Her fascination in hearing birth stories- particularly hers- encouraged me to foster that with open conversations about pregnancy, babies, and labor. By the time my contractions began moving Evie on her journey, Hannah knew as much about what to expect as I did.

Early labor lasted for days. Evie hung low in the birth canal, prompting infrequent, though noticeable, contractions. I carried her through walks at Longwood Gardens, gentle and meditative yoga classes with friends, and hours of coloring with her sisters. I fully intended to carry her as long as possible to let my body handle her nurture with me on auto pilot so that I could attend to the girls. Fortunately, she picked the perfect day to arrive.

I woke before 6 with a grateful heart and immediately noticed more powerful contractions. The early sunrise shone across the leaves of our giant trees. I watched them radiate as I waited to see how closely the second contraction would follow. In the time it took me to collect my journal, bible, pen, and phone, I felt the onset of the next contraction. I wrote, “Today is the day I’m having a baby. ” I read 1 Corinthians 10. I reflected on Love. I timed 3 contractions from end to end. Feeling real, raw power from my womb, I alerted my midwife and decided to pass the time in the shower. Hannah found me there and I told her, “I’m going to have a baby today” with an enormous smile. Her eyes grew wide and she asked for a bath. Once in the tub, her questions flowed. Then she turned to her own play and I nurtured myself through more contractions while adorning my belly in my Namas Day tshirt. I checked the mirror with a smile. “Light up, Philly” on my shirt, baby on my mind. Time to hydrate and diffuse lemon, lavender, and peppermint essential oils.

Kate arrived shortly after that and I asked my mom for a breakfast bagel and eggs. She started watching Audrey and excitedly left me to my work of releasing Evelyn from my womb. Kate suggested a walk to bring labor on in order to move into the zone before the heat of the day. I curled in the giant coushined chair and nestled my baby through a powerful contraction. Kate went outside to greet Tyler and I labored alone for just a moment allowing sweeping thoughts to course through my consciousness. Instead of alerting anyone else, I chose the simplicity of moving along with just Kate, Hannah, and Tyler. I walked outside into sunlight, cool breeze, and fresh air. I loved everything about the day and eagerly looked forward to meeting my baby. She engaged her body firmly within me for a strong, fast passage.

I held Tyler and she held me breathing deeply together. I wanted to be present to this birth; to experience every phase of labor and to confidently encourage myself. At this point my body needed to be horizontal so I laid in bed and Kate showed Hannah how to press on my back to ease the pain. In an instant in my heart, the memory of her inside met the sensation of her eagerly helpful hand through the small of my back. So young, yet so powerful in her ability to stay present to my feelings.


We retreated to the nursery, where I planned to have my baby. I labored for a few more contractions and asked Kate for guidance. She offered the birth stool and my mind instantly clicked into birth mode. As quickly as I squatted on the stool, I shot back off of it in fear of the enormous pressure. But I found myself on all fours and ready to push. My birth song began. “BABY COME.” Deep and steady, my voice coaxed my baby down the passage in a powerful refrain. My entire body operated as a bellows, drawing in air and releasing sound and baby in harmony. “COME BABY,” I urged again and again. The final push produced an amazing being. My eyes sailed across her body to reveal that she was a girl! “Evelyn. Of course you’re a girl.” I exclaimed in tears. The love, the love, the love radiating from my heart as I found her in my arms was paramount. We did it together. I felt her confidence as we gazed at each other and I noticed her sweet surrender into the world as she closed her eyes for her first nap. My birth angels (Kate Lelayna, Tyler, Brittany) My Mother, My Hannah, and My Baby all made the journey possible on that amazing May day. I loved the experience of Evelyn’s birth.


Please support Kate Aseron from Rising Moon Midwifery by ordering her e-cookbook here.

Ollie Owl’s Nature Preserve

A new landmark is hidden in Chester County, and tops my list of must-see attractions in the area for fall fun. We took a sneak peek at Ollie Owl’s Nature Preserve on a tip from the MOMS club of Unionville-Chadds Ford and found a discrete playground nestled in a sunken forest. The downward trail opens into a vast chip-covered terrain under a leafy canopy. Notable features include a giant tree limb spider web, two tall stick teepees, and tree limb stacking blocks. It was no surprise that Hannah and Audrey eagerly explored the tribal inspired gathering grounds with bare feet amidst a host of friends and fellow toddlers. Even I couldn’t turn down a request to walk across the log bridge hand in hand with my nimble guide. (Yes, there’s a baby in my papoose!)

ches len nature preserve

There were so many things I enjoyed about the experience of finding a new space, carved out by sophisticated and thoughtful volunteers. I took some time to learn about the program from Karyn Heym. A former student of forestry, now a mother to a growing boy, enjoys working with the Ches Len Preserve as a way to join with others who are interested in showcasing the splendor of nature in a way that is accessible and inspirational to children. Another volunteer, Don Miller, showcased his talent as a master xylophone builder and laughed as I tapped out “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on the giant keys.

ollie owl's nature playground

For a few hours, time stood still. We could have been a group collected in any era, although the duct tape activity and goldfish snack cheerfully brought us present-day conveniences. Check out the facebook page for your invitation to their next big event:


4 Places to Visit in Chester County this fall:

1. Ollie Owl’s Nature Preserve – 1199 Cannery Rd, Coatesville, PA 19320

2. Green Ridge Farm – 220 Octorara Rd, Parkesburg, PA 19365

3. Northbrook Marketplace – 1805 Unionville Wawaset Rd, West Chester, PA 19382

4. Barnard’s Orchard – 1079 Wawaset Rd, Kennett Square, PA 19348


Help Wanted

Eco Incognito is GROWING and seeking an enthusiastic freelance writer! The ideal candidate has a conversational writing tone and intermediate smartphone photography skills. (You know how to look for a window if you’re taking pics indoors and you can hold the camera steady.)  A passion for food is essential. A desire to learn about the local food system of Chester County will help the right person succeed. Local candidates only, however this job is home-based.

Submit your resume and/or a writing sample of 300 words and a photo of the best meal you ate this week to be considered.

Thanks for your interest! Happiness is knowing where your food comes from.

August NINGXIA RED Challenge

This month I am challenging my friends to join me to find out what happens when we drink Ningxia Red for 30 days. This powerful antioxidant beverage from Young Living Essential Oils promises to deliver a load of nutrients in just one ounce.


I’m setting an intention each day for wellness in combination with this great new habit. Here is my calendar that I’m printing and hanging on the fridge in order to track my progress and remind myself to keep at it.

Daily Intention for August


Ningxia Red is available through Enroller ID 1894323

30 Ways to Use Essential Oils in 30 Days {PRINTABLE}

In just 30 Days, you can create a series of habits to use Young Living Essential Oils in and around your home. Essential Oils provide the natural keys to unlocking wellness, abundance, and purpose in your life. Through daily use, every person can discover exactly which oils fill the needs of a wholesome and active lifestyle. This calendar, which is a handy printable for your fridge, is created to inspire you to use these oils each day for a month. Hang it next to the Embrace Wellness graphic as a daily reminder to diffuse, DIY, or discover something new about Essential Oils!

30 oils 30 days

Click here for the printable calendar 30 oils 30 days.

As you can see, we start the month and every Wednesday with invigorating ways to use Young Living Essential Oils each morning. Then, on Thursdays, end your day with a calming routine. The rest of the days of the week will help you establish a rhythm of uses. As you figure out what you love, keep it up! Use these oils every day in your personal wellness routine. Embrace Wellness

Ready to get started? Do you need help deciding which oils are right for you? The Premium Starter Kit from Young Living is an assembly of the most commonly used oils with lots of practical applications. Plus it includes a diffuser.

Order your Premium Starter Kit from Young Living today!

Jeannette Bezinque is an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. She is an active member of Oily Families and regularly teaches classes to help friends discover and harness the power of essential oils. Learn more or enroll to become an independent distributor today.  Kindly enter 1894323 as your enroller ID at


Mini Essential Oil Gift Basket

When it comes to the perfect gift, size does matter. Sometimes you need to pack a big punch in a small amount of space. Maybe you’re traveling and need a hostess gift, shopping for the person who has everything, or making a gift for a teacher. In any of these situations, this mini essential oil gift basket shows how much you care in the palm of your hand.

essential oil giftbasket I started by layering tissue in an adorable mug. In my house, stray baby socks are easy to come by, so I filled one with bath salts and tied a ribbon around that. The main part of the gift is a bottle of lavender essential oil from Young Living. Then I topped off the gift with a piece of chocolate. Now your gift recipient simply fills the mug with her favorite tea and local honey, pours a few drops of lavender oil into her salt sachet, settles into a relaxing bath, and takes a nibble of chocolate. It’s the perfect combination of simple self care, nestled into a mug to use again and again.

To make this Mini Gift Basket, you need:

essential oil gift


Interested in Essential Oils? This is what the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living includes. Imagine all the gifts you could create from this! 11 Bottles of oil and a diffuser to share… or keep for yourself! Start your Oily Journey here:

young living premium starter kit

I’m teaming up with a group of amazing bloggers to share a bunch of ways to create gift baskets. Check them all out!

GiftBasketLink essential oils

I am an independent distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. To become a distributor, enroll at and enter 1894323 as your Enroller ID. 

10 Reasons Why I Switched from Blogging to Network Marketing for Income

network marketing income

When I became a Mom, I knew two things. First, I was never returning to the desk job I hurriedly left for my unexpectedly early baby. Second, I was going to become a Mom Blogger. Granted, I had no real experience as a blogger or a Mom, but that didn’t stop me from instantly creating a blogger site and posting pictures and recaps of my adorable little newborn. Fortunately, I had a pretty good idea of how to begin working on the internet from my marketing and e-commerce background so I laid a solid foundation. I knew how to build an audience, engage in networking, and I was blatantly fearless as I approached brands and businesses even in my earliest days. All that came to a halt when, two years into the mothering experience, I lost my voice.

Each time I tried to post, I felt like a fraud. So much had changed about me since I began blogging that I didn’t know where the contradictions might show up in an auto link. I shed a lot of layers in those first two years out of pure exhaustion from having back to back babies. On a desperate whim, I closed the computer for a month and discovered that nothing was missing while I was gone. Instead, I had a lifetime of experience to gain.

When I came back onto the internet scene, I blogged less frequently and more passionately. I was energized by a healthful and wholesome connection to the local food scene. I discovered my truth through journaling and I unlocked a powerful new skill. Forging real friendships. Then, I filled the time and space as a student of yoga. Truthfully, I had never been happier. The time I spent online and offline was always for me. I could learn, write, and share passionately without worrying about trying to fit a mold that would suit a brand. Around that time, a great inspiration in the blogging community reached out to me to learn about Young Living. Carrie, from, had started using Young Living Essential Oils and building a business from it. Within a month of learning about the product, hearing the experience of others, and understanding the business structure, I was ready to dive in.

I thank God that I started when I did. This type of business takes time to grow. Right now, in this period of regrowth for my family, it feels like a financial umbrella that gets a little bigger and takes care of a little bit more each month. I am so grateful for the leadership above me that has encouraged me to take risks. They have given me access to all the tools I need, but the truth is that I had to unlock a belief in my own ability in order to really make this work. Somehow, with two toddlers and a baby entering the world in about three weeks, I “show up to work” each day with a smile on my face.

There are a lot of benefits in the blogging business that cross over to Network Marketing, so I definitely do not feel like I have left anything behind. Instead, I feel like the freedom to write what I chose when I chose gives me a more empowered and authentic voice, which will come in handy when I’m ready to publish my memoir. The biggest benefit of both worlds is that I’m self employed. I set my hours, goals, and workspace. Young Living hosts yearly conference opportunities, which are some of blogger’s favorite ways to connect with others. I can still diversify my income through hosting events, creating marketing materials, and using the standard blogging income generators like affiliate links. But, here’s where it gets different.

Because I picked Young Living and became a Network Marketer, I get to become an expert on the essential oils that I love and use in my home every. single. day. 

That’s pretty big. When I was blogging for brands, I wrote about things that touched my hands for 5 minutes before I stuffed them in the back of the closet or shipped them off for a giveaway. One day I was writing about suffering from morning sickness and the next I was suggesting couponing for the very foods causing that sickness. Now, I actually use essential oils in my home every day. That’s one of the three ways I keep my business accountable. By learning and using these oils all the time, I’m poised to be a more eloquent salesperson than ever before. But I don’t have to. These oils speak for themselves. By the time I share my experience, they have already met a need in a new home and are simply a click away. Since they are such a powerful product, it was easy for me to see early on that I could dedicate my business mindset to Network Marketing and Young Living Essential Oils in order to clear space for my hobbies and passions like blogging and yoga.

These are 10 reasons why I stopped blogging for my paycheck and decided to open my arms to abundance.

1. Residual Income

One of my favorite things about Young Living is that the products are so great, people are always coming back for more. I don’t have to reapproach a brand for a new contract each year or learn a different social media platform in order to stay competitive. I just keep showing up.

2. Powerful Product

Not all Network Marketing businesses are created equal. This is why I’m so glad to be connected with Young Living. The seed-to-seal guarantee gives me peace of mind that the products are the best quality I’ll find and that their natural applications are a wholesome way to meet my family’s needs. When I introduce someone to Young Living Essential Oils, I know that it can make a difference in their home because it has already added vibrancy to ours!

3. Leaders are Learners

The leadership from my Oily Families upline has been a huge inspiration. They continually model their best practices by sharing resources and strategies. Knowing that my work is supporting their growth and receiving their appreciation is a side of business I never saw in a cubicle.

4. Mentorship

When I used to blog, I was an island. I created all my graphics. I was my tech guy. I wrote every word ever published to Now, I have amazing mentorship from people who share. Instead of focusing on the creation, I can focus on the absorption and disbursement of information. I have access to shareable graphics for the internet, learning tools for classes, and a slew of phone numbers to call. Most of the time, especially in the beginning, my mentor reached out to me because she had taken the same steps so recently that it was a natural fit for her to show me the ropes along the way.

5. Sharing Abundance with Others

What am I supposed to do with all this great stuff I’m learning? Share it with others, of course! Encouraging the next Young Living leaders is simply a matter of opening access to the same materials that kick started my business.

6. Embracing Competition

I love that Young Living makes it possible to empower a member of a network to be a leader and share with others. No one is taking away business as we grow. We’re all part of the vision to bring essential oils into every home. Plus, Young Living rewards their highest leaders with shares of a bonus based on the sales of the entire company. So, I see you, friends selling Young Living through another upline, and I’m cheering you on :)

7. Generous Bonuses

On the rare occasion that someone decides not to buy oils after we talk, they generally tell me that they are too expensive. Now, we’ve got a million ways to show how these oils pay for themselves. (For me anything that keeps me out of Target even once in a month saves me $200!) But, I can honestly say that I have always been able to use my bonuses to pay for my oils. Considering that a Premium Starter Kit nets the enroller $50, it’s easy to see that those bonuses add up. And, it only gets better as your network grows.

8. Tax Writeoffs

I’m no expert at small business taxes, but I do know that there are a lot of valuable write offs from self employment. Investing in my business is a joy because, I’ll say it again, I love these oils! Every book I read, trip I take for learning, or class I host is an enjoyable experience for me. Knowing that I can write off some of those expenses connects my work-life-financial flow.

9. Purpose

My Young Living Friends share a lot about purpose. They don’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk. Each week, they share testimonies that show their purpose in action. Those who are reaching new ranks towards financial abundance receive enthusiastic accolades. Some people are experiencing dramatic shifts in their overall wellness. Others are happy to be providing support to our growing community. I call my purpose Womb Wisdom. Everything I learn about believing in myself and empowering my family with knowledge of natural living is a gift I share with the next generation.

10. Health

I started to notice my emotional health about a year and a half ago. A number of strides helped me embrace a shift of living peacefully and confidently. In my experience, focusing on essential oils helps me achieve a stronger work-life balance than I ever thought possible. I have the time to pursue an ambitious career. I also have the time to take steps each day to balance my mental health. On top of that, I sincerely believe that engaging the power of scent, our strongest sense, unlocks a state of mind that sets me up for success!

Are you ready to learn more about Essential Oils from Young Living? Start here. 

Philly Farm and Food Fest

I’m excited to share that the Philly Farm and Food Fest is happening this weekend at the PA Convention Center. This abundant gathering of farmers and foodies from all over the region is a can’t-miss event for anyone interesting in connecting with our local food roots. On Sunday, April 12 beginning at 11 a.m., kids and grown-ups alike are invited to join Fair Food and Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA) for the fourth-annual Philadelphia Farm & Food Fest (Fest 2015), presented by Whole Foods Market, at the Pennsylvania Convention Center (1101 Arch Street). Tickets start at just $20 per person, and are currently available for purchase online (click to purchase); children 12 and under will be admitted for free. Farm & Food Fest is one of the country’s biggest and best single-day food festivals and a perfect way to introduce kids to the lifelong benefits of healthful, sustainable eating.

philly farm fest

When I attended two years ago, hand-in-hand with a rambunctious tot and a baby strapped on my back, I was happy to find that the event was very family friendly. From the farm-themed play area for youngsters to the ice cream samples, to the friendly farmers inspiring others to learn about the origins of our food, our entire family tapped into the buzzing energy of our conscientious food community.

You might remember that my food journey began almost three years ago. Inspired by my midwife, Kate of Rising Moon Midwifery, I sought to learn more about how to procure, grow, and eat foods that could sustain life and help my body nurture my baby within. After a series of small steps, I quickly found myself knee deep in my backyard salsa garden and lovingly immersed within a CSA pickup point at our own house.

Today, I love food so much that I’ve even been able to let go of all the gushers, oreos, and doritos that got me to where I am today. There’s nothing I enjoy more than sharing a fresh smoothie popsicle with my kids on a hot summer day and my life has changed simply from my willingness to try new things. Thankfully, our local, hardworking farmers are so amazing that I have never been disappointed by the foods that grace our table from their hands.

I would encourage you, no matter what you ate this week, to dive into the Philly Farm and Food Fest to get a taste of the best and freshest food available in the area.

Grab a copy of The Rising Moon Kitchen cookbook to learn the foods that inspired me to go green from the inside, out. 

The NEWEST Essential Oil from Young Living

Over the years, Young Living has created nearly 100 custom essential oil blends for everything from stress relief to emotional support. Their newest oil, in my humble opinion, knocks everything out of the park. I am thrilled to announce that they are debuting the FAIRY TALE blend today and I cannot wait to open my first shipment and experience the majestic properties of this new oil.

If you’re new to essential oils, you might not know that the practice of using oils has been around for thousands of years. Historically, they appear in vials surrounding egyptian sarcophagi, biblical scripture describes their uses, and even grave robbers are thought to have escaped the bubonic plague from using a blend of oils we loving refer to as Thieves. Notably, modern families are choosing to learn their uses in order to bring wellness, abundance, and peace into their homes through the power of scent.

(Learn how I use Young Living Essential Oils in my home.)

After working with a team of anthropologists to decipher a series of sacred ancient texts about an oil created from plants living within the fountain of youth, Young Living founder D. Gary Young, meticulously developed a modern formulation in order to serve today’s aspiring dreamers with bliss, beauty, and prosperity. The unique combination of essential oils derived from lilly pads, ivy, rose blossoms, unicorn hair, apple cores, and frog skin is not only a stimulating fragrance, but also works by absorption through the nasal passageway into the hypothalamus in order to turn daydreams into reality. Essentially, it makes fairy tales come true.*

(Order a copy of your favorite Fairy Tale to complement your purchase and facilitate your dream manifestations.)

Here are the details, directly from Order your bottle today before someone turns you into a toad!

fairy tale essential oil


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose or cure diseases, remove warts, repel dragons, or identify an evil witch.